Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Crossing the Threshold

Coltrane is on in the background -- a pianist matches the drummer's rhythm and some rich male voices croon about "Love Supreme."

I can't help but groove and strut and stretch my body along with them. What I appreciate about music is that there's flow; even in chaos, breath and kinetic motion are moving tune forward. The vibrations prevent any sense of being stuck. In fact, I like to think these bursts of energy help propel the music forward from one bar to the next...leaping across the page until the next bar provides landing.

So maybe that's what has happened to me lately. I've been pushed through one movement and into the next. Some of it is new terrain but it's familiar earth. I can see my footprints. I have tread here before.

The story is that I've decided to finally lay claim to my intuitive gifts and am in the process of taking classes to develop them so that I can better assist others in the healing process. These gifts have been present since birth--they run on both sides of my family--but for whatever reason, I've been hesitant to accept them fully until now.

It's a wildly exciting place to be right now. The act of acceptance has led me to a soul-cellular integration. I don't know how else to describe this inner feeling. I just feel my soul hum with anticipation as the next stage of the journey is revealed.

I'm peeking around the corner. I get a glimpse. Oooo, it's marvelous!


Pat Tillett said...

well written and introspective.
very nice...

A Walk in the World said...

Thanks, Pat!

I'll be popping over to your blog later today!

Cheers, K

Miss Whistle said...

I'm so happy to have found your blog. Have added it to my blog roll. Love what you're doing here. Thank you.

Miss W

A Walk in the World said...

hi, miss whistle!

oh, you are most kind! warmest thanks for popping by! i love the photography on your own blog!

cheers, k