Sunday, July 4, 2010


i wander through loamy earth
and listen to thunder bombs.

footprints in top soul.
i look back -- just once--
to check for reality.

the dogs scatter ahead,
sniffing, as i move my
searchlight this way and that,
looking for what has departed on walkabout.

childhood sighs
of womanhood stretched ahead
now bring a sense of frantic kinetics
and loss.

i sweep left to right
look and look again,
consult the shaman,
and hunt for the blood
which should seep under my feet
like oil from sand.


Pat Tillett said...

Very nice...

A Walk in the World said...

thanks, pat! you changed your picture! how be you these days???

K said...

Kelly, is this you? kat

A Walk in the World said...

As in Kat from college???

K said...

Yes! Kat from college. :)