Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reading the Toltec Prophecies

it's been busy. weeks blur. i rise. breathe. work. muse. breathe. sweat in bikram. breathe a whole heck of a lot more. dream. 

and i read.

a lot. 

my studies of quantum physics have taken me to some pretty funky places in recent years, and i have noticed a message repeating itself: we are dreaming. all of THIS is a dream that our reason tries to interpret into reality. 
i dig it. 

i also dig this quote from the toltec prophecies:

"During sleep, we do not perceive energy from outside ourselves, but the mind dreams images including an image of our own body. We can talk, see and even fly in a dream. We do not notice that we are asleep when we are dreaming. something makes the connection between the inner dream and the outer dream. That something is reason. Reason is the part of the mind that tried to qualify and understand everything. Reason wants to say, this is real and this is unreal. Reason gives us the illusion that the dream is real as long as the dream has the material framework we perceive as reality. We do not notice that we are interpreting reality according to the dream we are in at the moment" (pp. 12-13).


i've been musing on the last sentence and have gone back to a conversation i had with my classmate, david, at our shamanic healing intensive this past fall. he told me that he's hearing that 2012 is about more than just a shift in consciousness. he believes it's about becoming lucid in our dreams. 

what does that really mean? i interpret it to mean that we are becoming lucid and now allow for the possibility that we can change our realities at will -- creating dreams within dreams within dreams. and, as reality shifts, we now allow that it is possible to "wake up" in them. 

so, does this allow that our waking life becomes a dream and our dreams become waking life?

why not? 
it's certainly a more positive reality for 2012 than what popular culture may dictate. 

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