Friday, October 28, 2011

for bear on a friday morning

old growth pine
and i'm tucked within
the bearded mossy ones.

bear is ahead of me,
scratching itself against wood
to mark the way.

it leaves behind hair
that i reach for
and hold in my hand
like gretel.

faster now,
i jog to keep up
and watch
as moccasins form
over sneakers
and claws
form over
the leather that was
just there.

wilder we go.

i stop
as the bear joins
the great council.
"sit with us, young one."

great woman,
ursa major,
comes down out of the caelum
and heats the center.

sparks of light
flicker and dance
us into seed stars
that form
the dna of her hide
and the teeth of her
careful mouth.

i look around
and i'm out there
in the sky
with the seven sisters,
winking back at myself.

all is wild
and right.

(copyright 2011)

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