Wednesday, November 23, 2011

black madonna

black goddess tree.
slicked with offerings --
unintentionally standing out
in a grove
of green,
and orange,
and yellow.

the talk of the neighborhood.

she oils her skin
smooth, like ebony,
and tries not to feel shame
when the other trees
gather and gossip about
her bare-boned seduction, 
the trim quality of her branches,
her inviting, slim trunk.

she receives few invitations
to festivals and petal recitals.
she pretends not to mind
and fills her time digging
in her roots.
she will need the depth
if she is to stand tall.

the birds know.
they can feel the vibration
of her grief as they roost in her
dark limbs.

they take pity
and fill her obsidian pain
with color --
brilliant reds,
mustard -- 
camouflaging her
from restless eyes
and greedy lips.

like wings on the updraft,
still, she rises.

(copyright 2011)


Ronald P. Leith said...

Kelly, I apologize for taking so long to respond. I'm spending a day or two trying to learn how to navigate the new blogger format. Anyway there 's a spot in John Trudell's documentary on his life where he dreams of a village and his synthesis of the dreams meaning for himself. I would say ask your spirit to reveal the meaning of your dream. it could be any one of many things, past life, destiny, memory, destination, deja vu, I don't know. But it will reveal itself if you ask your spirit to reveal it's meaning. TY

Kelly said...

No worries, Ron. Thanks much for the thoughts -- I plan to follow up and go within to learn the reason. I suppose if it is a past life vision, then I have to wonder why now.