Monday, February 13, 2012

Sargasso Sea

adrift in a sea.
bound on each side
by natural elements
and waters i can't control.

gulf stream.
north atlantic current.
canary current.
north atlantic equatorial current.

a fluid box 
holds me in.

how am i supposed
to get anywhere?

i lay like sargassum
on the surface,
languidly and lazily
soaking up my vitamin d,
praying for a sailor
or scientist
to haul himself out here.

sample me!
pull my prokaryote body
up and stuff my hair
into a vial for further study.

i can't breakthrough
on my own.

i can see no shores.
i am a sea without shores,

but i can SEE
all truths are
visible in the bowels
of the mother.

she shows me man's garbage
and clarifies my vision
so i miss nothing.

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