Monday, January 7, 2008

Reflections on 2007


What a blur of a year! If 2006 was a walk through hell's dark terrain, then 2007 was a walk in Elysium. Although, to be fair, I should give 2006 a little credit. I did land in Montana and was guided out of the darkness by several kindred spirits.

Though I may have a few drops of Romanian blood in me, I've long considered myself a gypsy, roaming this world without feeling rooted anywhere. Over the course of those travels, there have been a few places which have felt like home (Ireland's west coast and Jerusalem), but I never stayed long enough in either place to be totally embraced and soothed by the land.

But, upon landing in Montana in the fall of 2006 and staying through the summer of 2007, I felt anchored to that land and immediately claimed it as "home." Montana courses through my blood. Perhaps it always has. Regardless, I'm enjoying my love affair with the state, its people and its terrain. In fact, my heart is still there, sitting by its rocky riverbanks and traipsing through its sage coated hills.

I dove a little bit deeper into my own terrain this year, learning more about my non-negotiables and necessities. I'll share the highlights here:

1. I need nature and silence to balance and restore myself.

2. America is an amazing place to call home. Something I was reminded about while driving across the country this summer with Gabbow, my 82-year-old grandmother. Read highlights here.

3. Yoga soothes me and should be done more often. Same goes for my meditation practice.

4. Sugar is not my friend - leads to mercurial mood swings and crankiness.

5. Children's literature is a fabulous way to shake writer's block.

6. Spending the holidays away from my family leads to an almost inconsolable loneliness.

7. Unexpected and often important messages are given while in transit, especially in airports.

8. Sometimes when we're afraid to leap into the unknown, we need to remind ourselves that we may just learn to fly. Read more here.

9. I have wonderful friends who I cherish and feel blessed to know.

10. Sometimes one has to part ways with kindred spirits along life's journey in order to evolve as human beings. The hardest part is knowing when to say goodbye and mustering the courage to follow that instinct.

11. Love comes when you don't expect it.

12. My gut is never wrong. I should listen more closely to its messages and trust their veracity sooner.

One lesson/realization for each month.
I know there are others but I'm not sure they're ready for harvest just yet.

Perhaps 2008?


Margaret said...

Hi Kelly,

I woke up this morning thinking in poetry (nice)... And for some reason I thought of sending this to you...

'O chestnut tree, great rooted blossomer,
Are you the leaf, the blossom or the bole?
O body swayed to music, O brightening glance,
How can we know the dancer from the dance?'

William Butler Yeats (1928-1962)
from “Among Schoolchildren”

Bright blessings on your year!

Kelly said...


I adore this poem. Yeats is one of my most cherished poets, so this comes as a welcome gift this morning.

Here's one for you by Nancy Wood.

Dream Ravens

'Ravens of my dreams,
Cure the anger in my heart.

Ravens of my indecision,
Make straight the path before me.

Ravens of my memory,
Let your song come unto me.

As my brothers fly above the earth
So must I leave my importance behind,
As my sisters sing the songs of rejoicing
So must I find a courageous voice.

Ravens, let there be peace among us.
May we fly as one idea.

Ravens, give memory to my dreams
So that I may hear the voices
Of my ancestors telling me
That all the world is changing
And my fears will turn to leaves.'