Sunday, July 5, 2009

Marathon Training Lesson #3 -- Hot Water Never Felt So Good

Today, as part of my ongoing marathon training regimen, I ran 14 miles. It is the longest I have ever run in one go and I ran it in about 2 hours and 10 minutes. Whoa.

I have to admit that I was a little anxious before I got started given that I had just returned from a short vacation and was uncertain how my body would react to a weekend off my training diet/schedule. Apparently, my body dug it because 14 miles came and went without a drop in energy or cadence. The last mile was perhaps the toughest due to some tender knees and ankles but, on the whole, I bee bopped along without incident.

Still, given that I'm really trying to be careful with my knees (it'd be nice to have original parts at 80) and knowing (from experience) how sore my muscles get after these long runs, I soaked in a jacuzzi for a while and let the hot water work its magic. Afterward, I massaged the muscles with some oil and stretched them out for a while longer.

Soaking afforded me a little time to contemplate today's run and the mileage that still awaits me in the coming months. In that moment, I recognized that I was pooped but invigorated...that my knees and ankles were barking but that the hot water soothed them...that working past the mind allowed for great achievements in the body...and that I was proud of myself and my small accomplishment. 14 miles isn't 26.2 miles but it's more than half way there!


Anonymous said...

running 14 miles is no small accomplishment! Nice job! When's the actual marathon?
Hot soaks are the best!

Kelly McGannon said...

Hi, Yoyeti! So glad to hear from you. I still can't figure out how to post to your blog but *thank you* for posting here!

THANKS! The marathon is in October so I still have some time. And you are RIGHT about the hot soaks. Man, my muscles needed that!!!

Have you ever run a marathon?

Anonymous said...

I double checked my settings-- you should be able to!
I have not run a marathon, but I've been trying to go out running everyday!
Keep up the training!

Kelly McGannon said...

i'll try again, yoyeti. does anyone just call you "yo"?

running is good. it clears my mind and unsticks the body from mental mire.