Sunday, September 27, 2009


i'm outside
taking this great biological ground of mine
for a walk.

the landscape blurs in its banality.
rush, rush, rush.

i do not want THIS.

what i want is to get THERE
but THERE is inside -
contained neatly within my body's protoplasm.

i wake. i sleep. i step. i move.

my feet feel the jungle beat
the cosmic heartbeat
the rumble tumble pulse
of cellular reverberations

i am pushed through the transparent membrane
and PLOP
i am the outsider come in from THERE.

the ground is blanketed by winter moss
and i want to roll around on frost
that crackles and splinters beneath me.
taste the manna on the ground.

i cry.
arrival, it seems.
give us this day our daily wish.

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