Thursday, December 10, 2009

Meandering through the Mediterranean

Exterior, St. Mary's Church, Mosta, Gozo, Malta

Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Interior, Vatican Museum, Vatican City

The homebody is pleased to have returned but the nomad continues to dream of honeyed colors and the wine dark sea. Salt spray and olives underfoot and hard local cheese and strolls through plowed farmland are terribly hard to leave but poetry lingers and that is enough.

Also lingering are the stories shared at dusk and the laughter which rang out like bells in a new land.

Poetry forthcoming...stay tuned.


Aly said...

You went to Malta?! I've always wanted to go there! Can't wait to read all about it! And I don't have to tell you how jealous I am that you went to Rome. MOLTO. Hope you gave my city my love!

Kelly McGannon said...

i did. i did go to malta and it was fabulous and such fun. a must see for its blend of culture and delicious local foods. yum!

yeppers...back to rome, too. i was in several cities through italy but i spent about a week in rome and it was wonderful. brought back a ton of memories and the best part is that nothing had changed from the time i lived there. lovely.

where are you, lady?

a piu tardi! stella