Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reflections on 2009


2009 was solar and active and very much in the world.

Over the course of this year, I traveled to 4 different countries and traveled through 16 different states! That's a lot of frequent flyer miles! Whew.

Regardless, 2009 found me expanding my horizons in the most remarkable ways.

It was a year of exploring new terrain -- both within myself and out in the world. I discovered new sounds and tastes and my dreams and poetry deepened. Life felt more kinetic, magical and rhythmic. It was fun following the rabbit hole of possibility and synchronicity.

As done in years past, I'd like to reflect upon and compile a small list of lessons learned this year.

1. Poetry cannot be rushed. It does not operate on mechanical time. Trying to force it destroys the art.

2. "Ask, believe, receive" is a powerful way to live life. In doing this, you can manifest the most extraordinary things.

3. Joseph Campbell knows what he's talking about. Jung, too. There is great wisdom in their writings.

4. The dream world is a vast and mysterious place filled with teachers and guides, even if they come from your own interior. Much can be learned if you pay attention and much can be healed if you don't analyze.

5. Your body knows what's what. If it gets cranky during marathon training, maybe it's because your body doesn't really want to run the race. The body will let you know and will differentiate itself from the ego.

6. Health is not something to take for granted.

7. Often, if you allow the dialogue, the people who sit next to you on airplanes can offer powerful reminders. Sometimes, they even help change your life.

8. There are no coincidences. The universe awaits your engagement on a daily basis. It seeks a playmate.

9. While sad, it is important to recognize the things & people which no longer serve you in order to make room for what/who does.

10. Love teaches much.
True intimacy is a remarkable and blessed gift.

11. Nature remains a purifier of mood and spirit.

12. Spontaneous giggling is the best!

Again, one lesson for every month of the year.
I look forward to the lessons and surprises of 2010
and ask for blessings upon each day.

May your own new year find you bright, happy, healthy and quite at peace.


Emily said...

yes, yes,

#4, #5, #8, and # # 9

Kelly said...

yes, indeedy!