Sunday, October 3, 2010

the goddess walks on

decay smells good,
i muse as another flash of orange
presents itself to my sneaker.


my steps play a role
in life's great turnover.
with one movement i create ash
and fragile bones crush beneath my feet.

i feel like kali --
the great devourer --
as i walk and plod through death.

all dissolves before me.
farmers remove gold from dried earth
and hang up their scythes for the season.
i watch as they scurry towards the hearth
and shut wooden doors firmly behind them.

i stand on resting soil,
stick out my tongue
and create a new universe.

in the silence that follows,
i join the dervishes
and spin faster and faster
in orbit around something holy.


Pat Tillett said...

too many good lines to pick just one.

A Walk in the World said...

thanks, pat!