Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Who We Really Are...

I've been reading much of Lynn Andrew's work lately--most recently "Star Woman"--and I was struck by the following statement made by Agnes Whistling Elk, one of Lynn's teachers. I loved this passage for its world view and enjoyed the reminder that there are more possibilities for our lives than we allow. Enjoy!

"When you are born, you come from the void. You come from the mystery. You are born out of formlessness from the center of the spiral. You dress yourself with the fine feathers of time and space, and you take on a mind. You think are mind. Your earth walk is a spiraling outward from this center. As you progress, you become more and more earthbound. You take on form through experience and conditioning from your environment. You become encrusted with addictions and what you call time. To stay in form you must develop a mind that is your ego, which again is a function of time" (pp. 65-66).

The passage goes on to share how one can smash this concept of time by dissolving the ego. When the ego has been dissolved, then one can take on the form of other egos and become a shape shifter. And, when that happens, you can become a part of another's dream. For as Agnes later put it, "How do you know that you're not a shape shifter in one form or another? Maybe you simply don't remember what you are dreaming?" (p. 66)


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