Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Bones of My Mother

athena was born of man
only because her father grew envious
of her mother 
and ate her.

down the esophageal pipe
did metis tumble --
landing in bile,
pregnant with wisdom. 

but some women 
don't disintegrate 
so easily
when swallowed whole by man.

metis nurtured pallas,
gifting her with weapons and verve.

gestation soon gave way to cranium kicks,
giving daddy such a headache
and he had his head split open with an axe--
a creative way to resolve a migraine.

goddess leaped into the world
with a war cry
and purpose,
the product of a botched forgetting.

poor athena.
playmate of boys,
and keeper of athens
and owls.

so comfortable in the world of men
that she forgot her mother's bones,
leaving her father's biology
to dissolve them,

which it did in the 
form of ambrosial gloop 
that the god 
neatly wiped away.

copyright 2011

1 comment:

Pat Tillett said...

Really good! Lot's of good lines in this poem, my favorite is "...he had his head split open with an axe--a creative way to resolve a migraine." Sooo good!