Sunday, September 18, 2011

Night Swimming

i swim in deep waters.
layers of green blue darkness swirl around
my copper limbs and hair.
purposeful strokes
of an Otherworld tattoo artist.

i drift.

to sedna -- 
to where she fusses
and fumes
in coral
and sits in piles of 
briny bones.

oh, skeleton lady!
let me sing to you
and comb the tangles
of your squid hair.

release the meat
and let it rise.
unfreeze the sacred hearth!
light heart fires that burn bright!

climb with me
into my kayak
and sail away on waters
lit by the he-moon. 

come to the feast
laid out by your people.
taste the waters
we drop in your seal
for tribute
and know peace.

(copyright 2011)

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