Sunday, September 11, 2011

Whereabouts and a poem

A friend recently commented that I've been quiet here. He'd wondered where I'd gone. My apologies! The truth is that I've been lost in my imagination -- writing. 

I decided a few months ago that it was time to dedicate myself more seriously to my writing than just spontaneous spits and spurts. Since then, I've been running with a group of characters in two different stories -- ideas that came to me in my dreams. It's playful work. I'm really enjoying these characters and the stories they're sharing with me. I plan to one day share them with you in a published format. 

In the meantime -- a poem:


skipping rains
kiss my fingertips as i lean out
and talk to the 
grandmother tree at 11pm.

she calls me "dearie"
and dries my tears with her leaves.
they leave chlorophyll residue on my cheeks
and i tangle myself up in her arthritic branches
to feel earth's heartbeat.
there is no separation.

i sink like alice
into the underworld.
there, a minotaur asks me to walk
the labyrinth with him.
we stroll like old friends
and he tells me the point 
is always to come back to yourself.

in the center i meet a masked man
who tells me he asks.
"asks what?"

there are no answers here.
boreas sweeps up under my feet,
carries me home
to my slumbering self
and to the faeries
that dance on my bed
and whisper riddles in my ears
while i dream.

step forward.
turn around.
hold tight.
there's another corner to turn.

turning, turning, spinning.
i get tagged.
"you're it!"

(copyright 2011)

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