Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vibrational Escrow

I've been spending the past 6 weeks or so studying the co-creative work of Abraham-Hicks and have really aligned with the message of vibrational escrow -- namely, that with each new experience in life, we send out rockets of desire for things/people/experiences we would like to have in our lives; however, until we align with the frequencies of those desires, we will be unable to receive all that sits in vibrational escrow waiting for us.

Think of it in this way -- if you set your car radio dial to AM, you can only receive AM stations. It is absolutely impossible to receive FM stations while tuned into AM frequencies.

So, too, is it in life. We may want certain things/people/experiences to manifest in our lives but they will not happen until we attune ourselves to the frequencies of those particular desires.

What I find absolutely liberating about this idea is this: I am creator of my life and its resulting experiences. I create my reality but I can also choose to change it at any moment. What a liberating thought! There is nothing to limit me but myself, and I've decided not to do that anymore. The secondary benefit of this realization is that it encourages one to re-empower oneself. So often in the past, I carelessly allowed others access to my power (a.k.a. my essential nature) and even gave it away to still others; however, not anymore. I've recalled it all and am already reaping the benefits of that action.

One lesson I've learned through this active creating is that the best results occur when you relinquish control over how these desires will arrive into your life. Simply put, manifest them but let go of attachment as to how they will show up. You can't imagine the delightful surprises which will find you with this practice.

So, I challenge you. What is it that's been eluding you in life? Meditate on that desire. Examine what conflicting thoughts you may have around that desire. Do what you can to remove them, as they are interfering with your chosen desire. Release expectation as to what the arrival of the desire will look like -- may come differently than you think and in a different package. Sit back with the knowledge that this desire is already on its way to you. Imagine the joy you will feel upon receiving it. Feel the joy in your current experience because it is already yours. Relax. Smile. Give thanks. When interfering thoughts surface, do what you can to release them. Continue this practice as often as you need to until the desire appears. And then...give thanks, give Thanks, give THANKS.

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