Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Deep South

There is something to be said for spending time in the Deep South!

I just returned from a trip there and, inclement weather aside (read: tornado warnings/watches, tropical storm level winds, thunder that made the windows of my room shake and torrential rain which seemed to know no end), I found myself enjoying the dark brown earth, reminiscent of Peru, and the area's big sky with its equally dramatic cloud formations.

The area where I was (the south-west corner of Georgia) began to pull at me in an interesting way -- I felt embraced in genuine warmth, almost like I had fallen into my grandmother's arms for a big hug. I found myself thinking, "Oh, so THIS is Southern hospitality!" And, it was every ounce as wonderful as I had imagined.

Of course, while there is this very warm side to the South, I couldn't help but remember its other history while driving past numerous cotton and pecan tree plantations. I know that as a visitor, I cannot pretend to speak about these neighborhoods intimately; however, even as an outsider, I wasn't blind to the scars which linger there.

The Deep South, then, was utterly fascinating. My curiosity to know more about the people, their stories and the land grew exponentially during my time there, and I look forward to the opportunity to return to satiate it.


Jennifer said...

Hi Kelly,
We lived in Georgia when I was young and I have warm memories of it. I would love to go back sometime!
Glad you enjoyed the hospitality. Hopefully we are taking a giant leap away from the past.

Kelly McGannon said...

hi jen!

whereabouts in georgia did you live? it's such a beautiful state and i don't think i can get enough of its red clay earth. i think the south, as well as other parts of the country, are making giant strides away from the past.

it's such a good thing to see.

big hugs...kel

Dia said...

How fun that sounds! I saw 'Secret Life of Bees' a few weeks ago with a group of galfriends - calls back that South of 44 years ago!
& the photos of Peru - oh, my!! Lovely.

Kelly McGannon said...

dia...oh, i haven't seen that movie yet, but i'm keen to do so. the book was magical! i just love all her writings. have you ever read "dance of the dissident daughter"? lovely!

oh, peru...'tis so easy to take pix of beautiful landscape. makes my job very, very easy!!!