Thursday, April 16, 2009

Marathon Training Lesson #1: Epsom Salts

After several days of intense running (Monday=3 miles, Tuesday=4 miles, Wednesday=6 miles) my knees were tender and in need of some assistance. One of my favorite tricks to soothe sore muscles, heal my spirit and cleanse my energy fields is to take a hot bath, adding in 3 cups of epsom salts. I usually also add some sort of essential or bath oils -- last night was several tablespoons of Aura Glow -- to help ease any ailments I may be feeling mentally or physically. And, I soaked for a good 30 minutes last night, massaging my leg muscles and feet and letting the concoction work its magic.

I'm not sure why baths soothe me as much as they do. Perhaps it's because I'm a water sign on the zodiac or maybe it's because my grandmother is a big bath taker and I got it from her. Regardless of the reason, I consider bathtime a sacred time and I heavily ritualize the experience by cleaning the tub before filling it, lighting candles, darkening the space and easing myself into the mix, asking the wild woman of the desert (La Loba) to come to me, to come to my bones, and to heal me in those spaces only water can reach.

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