Thursday, April 30, 2009

"An Fainne"

I joined in this month's Poetry Party at Abbey of the Arts (thanks, Christine, for hosting these monthly treats for the soul) and had the following poem come to me. In these Poetry Parties, Christine offers a picture (this month's was of a stone circle in Ireland) and participants are encouraged to use it as a springboard into poetry. It's such a lovely exercise -- like warm fuzzies on a cold day! Be sure to check out her wonderful site.

"An Fainne"

she stood with the grandmothers
and circled with them

pressing her soul into their weary bodies
and feeling buoyed by warm honeyed love.

solar pulses pushed through them
and moved through her,
purging the unnecessary.

lifting chants to the caelum
she gave birth to a desire to rent
the stones she wore,

folding them neatly into the ground
so that the earth may press them into
diamonds for another.


Abbey of the Arts said...

Kelly, thank you for your offering. I am wrapped in its story, woven around me, inviting me to also lay aside my stones so they might become jewels.

Kelly McGannon said...

Thank you, Christine, for providing these wonderful poetry parties! They are such wonderful soul outlets!