Friday, May 1, 2009

Call to Invisibility

One of the best things about training for a marathon has been all the time it's carved out for deep reflection and self-conversation, sometimes held alone and sometimes shared with my running buddy, Lynn.

Lately, on our longer runs we've been working to broaden our understanding of archetypal patterns afoot in the world (blog forthcoming on this) and other matters of spirituality which catch our attention, like the call to invisibility.

When I was sixteen one of my greatest spiritual mentors introduced me to the works of Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, and Caroline Myss, and I often circle back to these teachers when I'm trying to jump to a new level in my own understanding of how things work. So, when she handed me some new CDs from Caroline Myss on a recent visit home and said, "Listen to will be amazed"; I didn't hesitate to take her advice.

Here, Myss discusses the call to invisibility (as well as her study of archetypes) and it has been a topic Lynn and I have tackled the last couple of weeks on our runs.

First, we were puzzled because there are times when drivers either notice us at intersections and pause for us to cross and there are times when we couldn't be more invisible; it always seems to happen in groupings -- occurring several times in a row with different drivers and all in the same window of time.

And this led us to a discussion of why this was -- was it because we had collective lower energy that day or was it that we were vibrating with a frequency that was so high, drivers who were not vibrating with that same frequency couldn't see us.

In the end, it really has nothing to do with drivers of these cars but everything to do with the energy pulsing in and around us. As we ran down the trail, I wondered what would happen if I increased my energetic vibration that much more...would it lead me to see things in the world that I am missing now? Would that which is currently invisible become visible to me? I believe that it would and this is something I continue to ponder and re-think.

Myss has this to say about invisibility:

"As people let go of their visible forms of power, they themselves become an act of power. The wonderful thing is that you can become a channel for grace without ever saying anything. To become an invisible act of power is the highest calling. This is walking through life with grace, and to do this, invisibility is key."

And I think what she means by this is that we are called to foster our inner lives and to perform invisible actions for others like prayer, forgiveness, compassion, and healing. There's no associated accreditation for these small acts but I believe that they are the necessary companions to what goes on in the actionable world and something to ponder and explore.

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