Monday, May 11, 2009

Maya Lin at Storm King Art Center

One of my most treasured places to visit on the Eastern Seaboard is New York's Storm King Art Center. This large outdoor sculpture garden is situated on over 500 acres of rolling hills in the Hudson River Valley with some of the land acting as a working farm. I first discovered Storm King while hunting down North American exhibits of my favorite artist, Andy Goldsworthy. Walking around and through his stone wall has always been meditative for me, and I treasure it anew each time I visit.

So, I was absolutely delighted to hear that Maya Lin had added a piece to Storm King's Collection. Entitled "Storm King Wavefield", the piece examines the tension between movement and stasis. I look forward to my own visit this summer and to refreshing myself on Lin's work having seen much of it while a student at Yale and now living in the DC area. She has a powerful way of adding to the world's understanding of nature and memory, and she is someone whose work I would like to know better.

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