Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Memorial Celebration for Dr. Kenneth Lindsay

Last weekend, I attended a memorial celebration for my friend and advisor, Dr. Kenneth Lindsay, at SUNY Binghamton. He passed away on March 2nd and I wasn't able to attend his funeral; however, I was determined to attend this celebration of his life so appropriately held at the University's Art Museum.

It was a beautiful affair, filled with music from the Baroque era (including some of Ken's favorite pieces by Henry Purcell) and made real by friends and family regaling those present with poignant and touching stories about Ken and his impact on others.

I cannot say it enough: Ken Lindsay was an extraordinary Renaissance man and scholar but he was also a hell of a nice guy who went out of his way to help others achieve their work. He was an unselfish teacher, a model husband, father and grandfather, and the type of guy who could weave a tremendous story over sharp cheddar cheese, crackers and cocktails.

Sitting in the Lindsay family home following the celebration, I holed up in the kitchen and took in the home's obvious history and all the love, kinship and laughter which pressed in around me. It felt good. It felt like home, and I suspect everyone else there felt it too. Ken was a beloved man and will continue to be missed by those who knew him.

There are few words for what it is like without him but having known him leaves me inspired and determined to try to make a difference in this world of ours. If I can help just one person, it will have been enough.


Joel said...

thank you, Kelly.

Kelly McGannon said...

you are very welcome, Joel.