Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Prophets and Men

there are men who sit on the desert floor
and wait for god.
but there is no god but time and its various expressions.

shadows shorten and lengthen
and the moon cackles at the unnatural displays of immobility.

and in that moment
when fear and calm marry
and man is uncertain
"god" settles nearby and whispers mystery
into his ear.

a shout.
a shock.
revelation tickles.

trembling with an unknown feeling
dust is raised
as legs raise and move from the remote.
running now.
running from the promise of ecstasy
like virginal lovers in the first blush of fever.


Olin said...

absolutely love "whispers mystery"
what a wonderful and accurate expression

Kelly McGannon said...

thanks, olin! i think so, too! HUGS, Kel