Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quantum Physics and Dreaming

My interest in dreams takes me to all kinds of unusual (or usual!) places. Most recently, I've been digging into books on quantum physics and thinking about its relationship with consciousness. I dig movies like "What the Bleep Do We Know?!" and writers like Fred Alan Wolf because their theories stretch my brain, get my synapses firing at a faster rate, and indulge my belief that what we think, we create.

I just devoured Wolf's "The Dreaming Universe," which, like Izthak Bentov's work (definitely check out his book "Stalking the Wild Pendulum"), really challenges what you consider "reality."

Here's a few of my favorite quotes from Wolf's book, ones I like to return to often, to consider, chew and dream about:

"Legends have attempted to describe this. For example, the Australian Aboriginal people believe that a Great Spirit dreamed all of reality, the whole universe of it, into existence. They say that the land they walk is a reflection of this Great Spirit's dream, and then they walk this land, they become aware of the songs of their legends, which resonate with the land itself. These songs resonate as song lines in the earth and give them directions. There are stories of runners moving across the land at great speeds in the dark, seeing the glow of the song as vividly as if they were running along a great lighted highway. They can find out where to go, where the sacred grounds are, as if this spirit were still speaking to them and lighting the way" (p. 345).

"When we dream, we return to that reality in order to gain information about how to survive in this reality. But survival may not be as it seems from a single perspective" (p. 346).


"We become afraid because people tell us what is real and what is not real. But we sense an inner conflict with what people tell us. We feel fear because we know that the viewpoint of, say, a political system is not consistent with our own view. The Communist Party is not the answer to the world. The capitalist system is not the answer for the world's problems. Going to war is not the answer to the world. We know these things from some deeper voice inside ourselves. What happens is that fearful images enter our minds, and we don't realize this. But if you have fearful images, they tend to come into reality: whatever you can imagine begins to appear as if we called it into existence.

"We are creating these images as realities because the universe is ambivalent and paradoxical. It doesn't care what you produce. It doesn't say to you that you can't do this and you can do that. It is like a mother who loves all of her children: the ugly ones, the beautiful ones, the starving ones, and the rich fatted ones--it doesn't care. It says whatever you create as imagery, so will it be. Why? Because at the core of the universe, at its most fundamental level, it is not solid stuff. It is not hard reality. It is capable of forming reality into whatever our images produce" (p. 348).

There is much more to say on this point and I plan to return to this thought often in the coming weeks. The point is to clean up your thoughts, your vibrations and your energy, so that you effectively remove any resistance between you and what you are wanting. (i.e. those who are interested in this line of thinking, do be sure to check out the Abraham-Hicks material on the Law of Attraction. Good stuff!)

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