Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Travels and Quotes

I've been out and about in this big world of ours lately,
taking a bit of a walkabout, traveling, seeing new terrain and folk on the street.
I've been traveling through inner worlds too.
It's good to get one's passport stamped in all kinds of worlds.

Here's some doodle writing:

they sat in silence, each absorbed in a section of the paper. she was murmuring real estate descriptions to her husband, neatly punctuated by pauses while she sipped coffee and rustled the pages to get his attention. "three bedrooms"..."close to national zoo." a raspy sigh. "i just don't understand," she grumbled as it all faded in the din.


i listen to the man give advice to the woman seated next to him. the most extraordinary part of their exchange is that he is also answering my questions. i smile, thinking that even in this city people are willing to reveal themselves to each other, to become so vulnerable. souls crack open like saucers and the caffeinated walk back into the world a little taller, somehow a little more certain of the journey. i giggle as i leave because i feel exactly the same way.


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