Saturday, January 28, 2012

Synchronicity with Marion Woodman

I like to read Jung (and the Jungians) in the winter because the material is a natural complement to the stillness and bare boned truth reflected the trees. You're already primed to see the truth because the environment is helping you do so. What I know for sure is that the exterior world matches and mirrors the interior world and vice versa. When one side of the mirrored image shifts, so does the other. 

The past few weeks, my chosen Beatrice has been Marion Woodman. As someone in my dream group said today, "Jung brought the metaphysical to psychology," and I think she is right. The Jungians touch the soul's pulse. One of the benefits of tracking and working with one's dreams is that you quickly become aware of the patterns, the puzzle pieces seeking completion and fit, and the larger lessons clamoring for consciousness. Reading the below so closely after reading Eliot and marrying it with my own recent dreamscapes gave me chills. So, I share it tonight:

"No longer a slave girl giving away her pearls, selling out her femininity to greed and lust, Kate was now in a relationship that demanded real love, real suffering -- the rose in the longer "what can we do for each other," but "what can we be for each other." They are attempting to open their hearts, daring to leap, albeit tremulously, into the cleansing fire..."The living mystery of life is always hidden between Two, and it is the true mystery which cannot be betrayed by words and depleted by arguments."

"In such a relationship, both partners are attempting to become more conscious of their complexes and their masculine and feminine sides, both are willing to reflect on their interaction, and both have the courage to honor the uniqueness of what they share. Neither is attempting to possess the other, neither wishes to be possessed. The relationship itself is unburdened by the pressure of inchoate needs and expectations. The partners do not demand a "whole" relationship, nor do they seek to be made whole by it; rather they value the relationship as a container in which is reflected the wholeness they seek in themselves. Each is free to be authentic. Living in the now, unfettered by collective ideas of how either should act or be, they have no way of knowing how such a relationship will develop." ~ Marion Woodman, The Pregnant Virgin, pp. 152-53

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