Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tarot Card Pull for 2012

Near the beginning of each new year, I've been in the habit of pulling a tarot card to serve as a guide for the coming days and months. (For curious souls out there, here is what I pulled in 2011, 2010, and 2009.

This year I pulled the Ace of Pentacles from my trusty Mythic Tarot deck.

What we see:
In this card, we see a merman (presumably Poseidon) who is half in the water. There is a summered scene behind him, complete with green mountains and fertile fields. The water is clear and there are four bunches of ripe grapes creeping across the rocks. Poseidon holds a large gold coin with a pentacle in it above his crown. 

According to the Mythic Tarot book, this card "augurs the possibility of material achievement, because the raw energy of this kind of work is now available to the individual. Often money is made available through a legacy or some other source, couple with the ingenuity and persistence to utilize these resources effectively."

Poseidon, according to some mythologies, is a fertility god, husband of Mother Earth and lord of the physical universe. He is a raw force of nature; this card seems to suggest that the energy that was brought forth creatively will turn "its immense creative potency downward into the world, and it is this fresh emerging need to concretize and create in the manifest world that stands behind all our material ambitions. The individual who can manifest money and make things happen on a worldly level experiences something of the power of this ancient earthy god, and the Ace of Pentacles heralds the eruption of fresh ambition toward material creation and success."

Additionally, I think this card might be saying that it is time to bring treasure up and out of creative, life giving waters. Perhaps even from the realm of the unconscious. Poseidon, being half man and half fish, certainly can live in two worlds. There is bounty to be had here. A very hopeful card, indeed, and rather synchronicitous since I dreamed this morning that I pulled a gorgeous dragon sea creature from salt water and brought it ashore.

My hope here is that this card is signaling success with my creative work in the dream community, poetry contests, and with this book I'm writing for young adults. My intention is that at end's year, I'll will have publications to share with all of you. May it be so!

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