Thursday, November 6, 2008

"Hello From Alaska...Are You There?"

"hey, i miss you,"
one of her dearest friends wrote her.
"i miss you, too," she replied.

"well, at least we have orion
to keep us connected, right?" he said.
"i mean, he's like two cans on a string
but better because when i look
up and see him, i know
you're doing the same thing
wherever you are."

"yep," she giggled.

"better still," he continued,
"he's totally free,
he never drops calls
and the only interference
we'd ever get are clouds and they're okay.

"i mean, move over verizon
'cuz the celestial wide web is
in the house!" he finished,
obviously tickled with himself.

and she laughed because she just
see him cracking himself up
over his latest clever little comment

which is why she couldn't resist saying
"better make that in the sky"
just to keep him grounded on earth.

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