Saturday, November 22, 2008


Due to my grandfather's passing and work overseas, I'm taking a small haitus from blogging but will return to the site on the 29th of November with fresh stories and poems and thoughts and pictures.

To all you out there who visit this page, know that I'm wishing you a happy holiday and time spent with loved ones.

Life is so fragile. Love more and worry less.

See you soon.



Dia said...

blessings, Kel - may your journey be good, blessings on your gp's passing, may you be cradled in peace & kindness

dia in Oregon

Kelly McGannon said...

blessings to you, too, dia. life is so fragile and i am reminded once again not to take it for granted and to live bravely, even in the face of fear.

enjoy this time of harvest and of thanks. kel

Anonymous said...
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Aly said...

A little something to make you smile: remember my little girl who wants to be a mermaid when she grows up? Well, today we had our Thanksgiving party and we did a Thanksgiving tree. All the kids had to say something they were thankful for. My mermaid girl just says: "I'm thankful for the mermaids." So cute.

Kelly McGannon said...

hi, aly. this was rosie, right? i love that bit about the mermaids. i'm thankful for magic wands. how about you?