Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Puss In Boots

"oh, and this is marie," he said proudly
as a very pretty white and grey cat
leaped onto the couch and settled between them.

"she's very proper, isn't she?" she observed
while stroking the cat's soft fur,
delighting in the warmth and
easy love of this small animal.

"she is," he replied proudly.
"definitely a little princess, huh?"

and as marie stood before them,
she couldn't help but notice her little dainty paws
and they way the cat positioned them in front of her,
almost begging notice.

"i think i shall call her
'marie of the pretty white paws'
because of the subtle way
she shows them off like
new designer boots," she said.

and they laughed together,
reveling in a new understanding
of the meaning "the cat's meow."

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