Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Living, Breathing Aficionado

on most saturdays they found themselves
holed up in the rear of the local wine store with "uncle kirby",
sipping wine and listening to his stories of the grapes
and of their secret bottled messages.

she relished this time
because she had rarely met someone
who lived with such passion about his trade -
the obvious enthusiasm bubbling out of his speech
and tickling her ears.

"oh, you're gonna love this one," he enthused.
"it's full of bright plummy jam,
cherries that will knock your socks off, bro,
and a mineral finish that will have you on your knees,
begging for more."

in fact, he was so lively and bright
that she started carrying home
some of his kirbyisms

working up ways to use them in sentences
and musing at his reminder that it was possible
to lock into one's soul career.


Dia said...

Living in the heart of ORegon's wine country - I can just hear this rap! Beautiful

Kelly McGannon said...

hey, dia! i only wish you could hear the cadence of his particular rhythm. i could listen to him for hours...so bright.

lucky you out there in oregon (i used to live in montana and miss it sorely). the firs, the ocean, the vineyards. yes, lucky you, indeed.