Monday, May 12, 2008

Highway Home

My friend, Chris, a very gifted musician, sent me this video link of his new song today, and I wanted to post it here. I found it so moving and even more soothing. I'll let his description do the talking, but I couldn't resist highlighting words that struck a cord in me:

The Highway Home

The second printing of The Highway Home
comes at a time of stepping forth in sync with
what appears to be a collective transformation.
The call of the times is for those who have
suffered and found healing from the imbalance
of our culture to bring their voices, creativity,
messages and medicines to as many as possible.
While the particulars of each individual’s
gifts are as unique as each individual life,
it is correct to say that all share a holistic
knowledge of humanity, nature, the Earth and
the cosmos. Holistic means whole in the
deepest sense: physically, psychologically,
ecologically and spiritually.

Our better future is along holistic pathways
that mirror the mystery, generosity, majesty,
complexity and steady expansion of our universe.
The New Earth is emerging in our midst, both
within us and around us. We are asked to
acknowledge and nurture It when we perceive It.
We are asked to raise our voices against
the narrowness of perception, imagination,
and creativity that was the hallmark of what
is passing away. We are all in this together,
each with a part to play. Now are the days to
be heroic.

It is Time.



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