Sunday, May 18, 2008


My new schedule, which finds me working nights, is bringing me gifts I didn't even know I needed. Perhaps most needed was the gift of silence. Silence finds me nearly every step of my day and night. The world, even in busy DC, is quieted and this new way of witnessing the world is refreshing me in powerful ways.

I feel more in tune to what is occurring around me and pay more attention to subtleties a day-time schedule did not easily afford.
For instance, I now hear birdsong the moment it begins. I see the first hints of blush as the dawn makes its entrances into the world each morning. There is no chatter, no nervous energy, no manic quality to my workplace anymore. With the night comes peace. I feel great relief.

Now, I have more time to dedicate towards watching the moon move across the my own thoughts and meditations.
Distractions do not easily find me. I feel more awake on this schedule and, oddly, more energized...more in tune with Source.

And, while I sleep much of the day away, I make a point to bathe myself in sunshine every morning and await the gifts which I know will be shown to me.

For those of you who know me, you'll know that I feel an affinity to the Great Blue Heron, who has always shown itself to me throughout my life. If I have a totem animal, it is this graceful, solitary, silent bird. Better still...they DANCE!

I found this stunning image of the mating dance of the Great Blue Heron at Eye Fetch Photography

Since I began my new rotation at work, I have had the great joy of seeing this bird every morning for the past week and in numbers larger than I have ever seen in one day in my entire life.

For example,
on Thursday morning, I was gifted with seeing 23 herons within three hours! At times, there were as many as 5 flying together. And, in each instance, I felt compelled to look up from my work and out into the world and was gifted by their presence. Sometimes all I had to do was to see the image in my mind before I saw a heron in the sky a few moments later.

It's just one of the several examples of synchronicity
which has found me lately.

The challenge of those with the Great Blue Heron totem is to find balance in their lives - to
learn how to balance their own energy and hold it when confronted by other energies, whether of people or places.

For some time now, I have not understood what brought me to DC, however, I know now that this is a lesson I must master during this stage of the journey.
I am in the process of mastering it and await with anticipation for the future gifts and blessings this process will bring.


Patia said...

I love hearing birdsong first thing in the morning, too. (Often it's because I haven't yet gone to sleep yet.)

P.S. Check out the pic of Monkey Boy.

Patia said...

I mean, yet.

Kelly said...

Thanks, Patia. Isn't birdsong terrific??! Also, thanks for the picture. Few things beat climbing trees, IMO. In fact, I think that few things really beat trees, period!

Patia said...

Trees rule!

Kelly said...

I love THEM!!!