Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Raising Vibrational Energy

I have had much occasion to be still lately, and I find that it is a very rich practice. In these moments, when I am at my calmest state of being, I hear a repeated message: "Raise your vibrations."

It follows me wherever I go and with whatever I do. It's such a persistent little message that I have no choice but to address it.

However, it's not a new message. It's a very, very old one and it's repeating itself again, which is a reminder that I need to clean up my vibrational energy or energetic footprint.

I have to work harder at this in DC than I had to in Montana and, while this is not without its grumbles, I find that I am growing at a faster rate here because I have so much more opportunity for growth. Simply put, I am challenged more often.

Still, I know that I need to raise my energy if I am ever to make great spiritual leaps, but I'm not entirely sure how to go about doing it. A change in my job *has* brought great relief and with it, all seems to be falling into place. Miracles happen every day the calmer I am, the more receptive I am to the obvious messages and gifts all around me.

For example, even though I am now on night shift, I am coming to appreciate it because my world is silent and with that silence comes great self-reflection, even on the job. Also, I have a pretty excellent vantage point now, and it's provided me with such spectacular treasures. Last night, I watched the pretty half moon move through the horizon and upon the dawn, I saw seven blue herons break through the mist and fog. It was pretty awesome.

So, I know that I am doing something correctly because messages are coming quickly and always playfully. Still, I have a hunch there are even more I am not receiving. So, I ask you, how do I continue to raise my energetic footprint? Thoughts? Please share!

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