Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ceiling Swimmer

National Gallery of Art, July 2008.

"there's a swimmer on the ceiling,"
she exclaimed excitedly.
"how cool is that? i wonder if he's
doing laps or just enjoying the scenery?"

"what are you talking about,"
her friend asked as she snapped pictures.

"up there...on the ceiling!" she said,
pointing emphatically.
"i think he's doing the lap turn now."

her friend shook his head in disbelief.
"oh, to live in your brain for a day."

she giggled and replied,
"do you think you could handle it?"

her friend paused and considered the question.
"well, only if i was given a seat belt
and an eject button."

she giggled.
"no worries. i am SURE
my imagination can accommodate your requests."

"oh, i'm sure it can, too,"
he replied with a wry smile.

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