Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Zed -- Reptilian Fashion Plate

she had never thought
to name her internal reptilian naysayer.

so, she sat down with
some paint and brought her little
purple companion to life.

apparently, as she came to learn,
his name was "zed" and
he had a thing for pink polka dots.
"i like their whimsical effect,"
he declared.

"anything else?" she asked curiously.

"yeah," he grinned.
"whenever i get really annoying
it probably means i just need a yellow gumdrop
and maybe a belly rub."

he thought for a second.

"oh, and maybe a hug.
'cuz it's not easy being a purple
reptilian naysayer, you know.
i need love, baby."

and she giggled,
thinking they were going
to get along just fine.

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