Thursday, September 25, 2008

Alpha Male in the Headlights

he wrote her to tell
her that his most recent date
was an utter fiasco.

"she was cute as a button
but MEAN," he confided.
"i'm experiencing post-status fall...fell.

"sounds like little kitty had claws, man"
she replied.
"i'm so sorry."

"emotions, like inflammation and trains,
cannot be stopped on a dime,"
he said.

"i've just got a weak spot for girls who
have spark and dig the outdoors.

"all higher order processing just stops
and i'm like a deer in headlights.
serves me right for not asserting
alpha status with her sooner," he added.

even though he couldn't hear her
she nodded in sympathy but knew
that even a declaration of alpha status wouldn't
protect him from the headlight effect.

she just hoped he'd discover the difference
between a mack truck and
a tandem mountain bike.


Carl J. said...



Kelly McGannon said...

ACK!!! No, CJ, NO! I have faith in you, my friend. Big hugs from here...Kels

Natasha said...

i love you. my apologies for having been so out of touch, dear one. i will be in touch soon. my life is coming together beautifully now. one day we will work in the dept. of healing together. :0) only love kel!


Kelly McGannon said...

tash! can't wait to hear all your news. you have been dearly missed, friend, but have been held in the warm heart space. with love and hugs, kel

Natasha said...

you have been dearly missed, too. i love you very much and you, too, are being held in the warm heart space.

peace out...

namaste kel,