Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Grown-Up Dreams

she told her that
when she wanted
to be a mermaid
when she grew up.

"and, i want a purple sparkly tail,"
the five-year-old declared
with utmost seriousness.

"you do?" she replied
as the five-year-old
looked up at her with stubborn hope.

"well, i think that would be beautiful,"
she said with a quick smile.
"i hope it has lots of sparkles."

"me, too," said the five-year-old
as she skipped off to play.

and she paused to consider how many
grown-ups were out there walking
around as super heroes, dinosaurs,
ballet dancers and astronauts
without even knowing it anymore.

continuing on with her day,
she dusted off her fairy wand
and sprinkled pixie dust wherever
she went, hoping to remind others
to wake up to their own five-year-old dreams.


Jennifer said...

CUTE. I love this!!

Kelly McGannon said...

thanks, jen!!!!

Aly said...

Oh, it's my little girl!!! Little Rosie. You'll also like that she told her mom, "Mom, I know that I'll have to live in the ocean, and I'll miss you, but I'll visit. Don't worry." I don't think little kids come any cuter than that! Except for my nephew, of course.

Love it!

Kelly McGannon said...

Rosie!!! Yes, this was her and for you, my friend. I love that she was going to live in the ocean. CUTE!!!