Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Musings for a Thursday afternoon

So, it's a TH afternoon and I'm off to sleep soon. I find myself still a tad jet lagged after my recent overseas trip (half way around the world), BUT I do have more poems and longer musings forthcoming. Scout's honest truth.

Thinking of sleep makes me think of dreaming -- 'tis a very happy thought indeed. Currently, I'm taking a dream course and I can't wait to write more about what I'm learning and discovering in it. I am fascinated by my dreams and the figures/animals I meet there. Are YOU dreaming??? Keeping a dream journal? If not, I highly recommend it.


Aly said...

Nope, no dream journal. I have to start remembering my dreams in order to write about them. I've got to figure out how to do that. I want to know what I'm dreaming about! Actually, the only dreams I ever remember have famous people in them. I seem to remember a dream a long time ago with David Schwimmer in it. Hm. Wonder what that says about me.

Kelly McGannon said...

oh, but you CAN remember them! just tell yourself you want to before you fall asleep. 99% effective for me. i dream about famous people, too. david schwimmer, though? girl, PLEASE!!!

Leah said...

i'd love to hear more about your experiences with the dream class!

i've been having such strange dreams lately, but i haven't been recording them and too quickly they fade from my memory. i need to start writing them down again!

Kelly McGannon said...

hello, leah! the dream class was wonderful. each week, robert posted our lesson and then we were free to go online and share our dreams with one another AND him -- get feedback, insight and the like. great fun!!!

what kind of strange dreams? recently, mine have all been centered around destruction. it's been terrible!