Friday, February 6, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

Brady playing in the snow, January 2009.

she arrived at her childhood home
greeted by a flurry of lazy fat flakes that floated past her,
holding up little crystal welcome signs and whispering "you're here! you're here!"

it was such a lovely gesture
that her soul danced in the beauty of the scene
and giggled deeply.

as so she spent a week in a winter landscape
with a light heart and
happy feet which hopped through mounds of snow and
happier hands that helped to build snow angels and pirate snowmen
with the family dog and the man she loved.

she soaked up family,
watered her roots
and breathed in the wonderful moment that was all of this
and knew she was content and full and happy.

Only the best pirate snowman ever!



awww...That snow man is soo cute!!! i also like the way you presented your words...its literary. i'll be checking your blog from time to time : ) If you have time, please check my blog

Kelly McGannon said...

hello, sensei hannah! thanks for stopping by my blog! always a treat to *meet* new folk. yours is great, too. however do you come up with all that origami?