Monday, February 23, 2009

Who's Afraid of Pale Pants?

"i dig seuss books," she said proudly,
"but i have a confession - i'm still afraid of the pale green pants, baby."

"really?" he exclaimed incredulously,
"surely not that pair of pale green pants with nobody inside them?!"

"yes!" she replied. "those pants! they're scary, baby!
i mean, what are they doing wandering around at night
through snide-fields and brickel bush patches and
rowing about for doubt-trout on roover river?

"i mean," she continued, "it's just all shades of creepiness if you ask me."

"well," he replied thoughtfully,
"maybe seuss was just trying to point out that the things we're most afraid of are
really quite silly when you meet 'em face to face."

she thought on this and replied with a grin,
"well, you have a point, baby.
so this probably means that i should return your green pajama bottoms
that i hid a while back, huh?"

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