Sunday, February 22, 2009

Snow's Out for Summer

they were driving in a bit of a snowstorm,
watching the fat flakes push against the windshield and flurry past them.

"wow," she exclaimed to him as he drove into the white wall of snow,
"these flakes are in a hurry to get somewhere, aren't they?"

"you bet," he replied, "it's almost as if they know
that winter's just about over and have decided to have one last hurrah."

"hmm," she replied, "either that or they just
finished school for the year and are keen to get going on their vacations.
i mean, if i were a snowflake, i'd be on the first zephyr out of town, baby!"

he looked over at her and laughed and said,
"sweetheart, somehow i don't doubt that at all!"

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