Wednesday, February 4, 2009

There's a New Gang In Town

they were driving through chicago at night
and she looked up at the sears tower and giggled.

"wow," she said to him, "did you ever notice
just how much the tower looks like maleficent,
the evil dragon/queen from "sleeping beauty"?

"hmm," he mused.
"i don't think i ever noticed that."

"well," she replied, "word on the street
is that she relocated here after her altercation
with flora, fauna and merriweather
and is helping snow white's evil stepmother
turn lake michigan into a replacement mirror."

"well, there goes the neighborhood," he said with a grin.
"so, just to be safe, maybe you should hand
over that shiny apple until things improve.

"then again," he paused, "maybe you should eat it so
i can wake you with love's true kiss."

"but, baby, you already do that!" she exclaimed.

"i know," he replied, "but it doesn't hurt to practice...
just in case."

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