Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lunar Lesson

she looked up into the inky cosmos,
freckled with tiny stars,
and gazed up at the full, bright moon with wonder.

and in that moment she was reminded
to shine at full-strength even when things felt dark and uncertain.

given the moon's example, she felt silly not to
and so she made sure her glow setting read:
"super intense blinding brightness, you need shades 'cuz i'm so bright"
before stepping into work for the night.


Neha Sahi said...

Wow, this is awesome... It also captures how I was feeling this full moon (which, btw, also happened to be my birthday - 9th Feb)
Great post...

Kelly McGannon said...

thanks, neha sahi! happy belated birthday, btw, and warmest thanks for stopping by!

i've come to realize that i am ruled by the moon and that it presents daily lessons. there is so much about human nature we can learn just by gazing up into the night sky!