Saturday, July 12, 2008

From "A Book Of Private Conversations"

"Giant" ~ copyright 2008.

During the course of 2001, I started to write little quirky poems. Often, they were inspired by a conversation I was having with another or that I somehow overhead. Over the years, these poems kept arriving, and I kept jotting them down...sometimes feeling inspired to draw an image to accompany them and sometimes allowing the words to speak for themselves.

I wrote "Giant" because I used to have an imaginary friend, "Peter" when I was three and lived in Pittsburgh. My parents tell me I said this about him: "Peter is as tall as the sky with blue hair and blue eyes and he lives in a hole in my room."

We used to sit at my little play table and I'd serve him tea in little brown plastic mugs.

Never once do I remember him complaining about his living space.

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