Sunday, July 6, 2008

Looking out into sea and fire

Looking out onto sea and fire, 6 July 2008.

Woke up this morning feeling inspired to try to bring this image to life. I first tried it on regular watercolor paper but the paper felt ungiving and rigid.

So, I tried different writing paper and stayed with the watercolors to produce the above study. It's just a hasty mock-up of a future idea.

Looking at it now, i think chalk is the way to go because it is malleable and offers more freedom. This leaves me with the next step -- buying large canvas and chalk!!! I'm thinking about making this BIG and incorporating silver pen into the spaces to delineate the colors. Gives the image some fault lines, and I like the idea of having moon color run through her.


Beth Owl's Daughter said...

Oooo! This is just wonderful. I discovered your blog by accident this morning, and what a lovely "accident" it is! Talk about synchronicity!

I'd love to know what translation of the Tao that was earlier. Amazing.

Anyway, blessings to you and your creative journey! I am glad to know you are in the world.

Kelly said...

Hello, Beth Owl's Daughter! I am DELIGHTED that you wrote because I woke up this morning thinking about Tarot and there was your comment.

The Tao version that I have and study is by Ralph Alan Dale, which is currently selling online at Barnes and Noble for $9.99. It's wonderful. You may also want to check out Wayne Dyer's meditations on the Tao, which I also find helpful.

SO good to meet another kindred spirit on the journey. I, too, am glad you are out there!!!

Jennifer said...

Hi Kelly,
Very pretty. Hope all is well. Love Jen

Kelly said...

Hey, Ms. Red! So good to hear from you! I'm GREAT. The 7th is my, so I'm gearing up for a celebration.

Thank you for being in my life and allowing me to call you "friend"!

Big love and hugs, Kel