Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sayonara, Dragons!

"sayonara, dragons" from "a book of private conversations", copyright 25 july 2008.

i used to think
that dragons lived
in my closet.

so, i started singing
'puff the magic dragon'
every night until
they packed up and left.

they didn't like
that song
very much.


the picture i drew recently to accompany the poem didn't turn out very well. but, i liked the idea of showing something emerging and then departing. not bad for a two minute doodle, methinks!


Aly said...

Stella, I love this one! All your poems are great, but this one reminds me of Shel Silverstein- my favorite poet, even after all these years. Love it!


Kelly McGannon said...

aly! thanks! it always makes me so happy when my poems speak to people. yea! and, i love that the new nickname..."stella"! i love the name "stella" because it means "star" in italian and has a "groove" to it. hm. i think i may write a poem about this and dedicate it to you, my dear friend. big hugs and love, stell kel