Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fall or Fell?

they chatted about
skiing in yellowstone in november.
"it's really hit or miss,"
he said,
"because it all depends on
whether we have fall or fell."

"what do you mean?" she asked
"you know," he said,
"sometimes fall happens
so fast it's really just fell"

and he giggled over
his witticism.

she chuckled, too,
because even though he was
a terrific eye doc
she was convinced he missed his
calling as a wacky meterologist
for the weather channel.

~ from "a book of private conversations," 29 july 2008


Leah said...

oddly enough, my dad is a doctor who loves puns like that and he went to college to become a weather man originally, but did poorly in physics and loved bio, so he went into medicine instead. i wonder if that's what happened to your eye doc?

Kelly McGannon said...

hm. i'll have to ask him!

Carl J. said...

Nope. But I LOVE this story, and I'm confident it will come in handy on an airplane. The possibilities are endless...IF they ever find out I'm an eye doc in the first place. As noted by my third grade teacher, my handwriting IS illegible, and I say it started there. I suspect I'd like your father.

Kelly McGannon said...

hee, hee. i dig it, cj. featured in my dreams last night. we'll have to discuss!!! big hugs, kel