Friday, August 1, 2008

Winks and Lollipops

he interrupted them
while they sat
working on crossword puzzles and tootsie pops.
"hey, do you want one?"
she asked.

he looked at the flavors scattered
on the table and declined.
she paused and then told him
that she loved them as a kid
because they made
her tongue bright red

and she stuck out her tongue
to show him.
"see?!" she exclaimed.
"you sure you don't want one?"

he looked back at the table wistfully,
chose one and stuck it
in his pocket "for later."

and when he turned to walk away
she could've sworn that his
inner four-year-old
looked back and winked at her.

~ from "a book of private conversations," 31 july 2008

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